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Nov 25, 2011 5:00am EST
. >> that's wait's all about. they're cnn heroes. everyday people changing the world. these men and women never sought the spotlight. each year the interment stars come out to salute them. tonight, catch up with some past honoraries to see how they're still making a difference. come along with celebrities who left the fwlam mour of hollywood behind to see our heroes to action. folks like demi moore, gerard butler, george lopez, holly robinson-peete and j.r. martinez. meet a new group of individuals. join us as we celebrate people made giving their way of life. >>> hey, i'm anderson cooper. to all of viewers, welcome. tonight, we're celebrating the spirit of giving by looking at people who give back all year round. our cnn heroes. in the past, this is the night that we brought cnn heroes an all-star tribute. this year, that broadcast will be live from los angeles on sunday, december 11th, at 8:00 p.m. join us for a remarkable night. if you're a fan of that show, you'll love tonight's show. for the past five years, we asked you to tell us about people in your communities who are making a di
Nov 20, 2011 2:00pm PST
>>> it is sunday, november 20th, i'm ted rowlands. this is the "cnn newsroom". fredricka whitfield is off today. we begin this hour in egypt. that's where today's public demonstrations around cairo's tahrir square were the most violent in days. at least four people died today, either crushed by the crowd or hit with objects thrown between riot police and demonstrators. the protesters are aiming their anger at egypt's military leaders. i spoke to cnn's senior international correspondent ben wedeman in cairo a short time ago. >> reporter: this is a manifestation of this growing frustration and anger against the supreme council for the armed forces. that's the group that took over from hosni mubarak when he resigned on the 11th of february. the feeling is that they're not moving quickly enough to civilian rule, that they may harbor ambitions to hold on to power for the foreseeable future. another element is that these clashes began yesterday when the police were trying to clear a fairly small number of people out of tahrir square. they used fairly excessive force yesterday. one man wa
Nov 19, 2011 6:00pm EST
much more of this story tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. thank you so much for watching. i'll be back here one hour from now. in the meantime, "the situation room" with mr. wolf blitzer starts right now. >>> will this debate be a game changer? and newt gingrich firing back amid swirling questions about whether he was paid more than $1 million by troubled mortgage giant freddie mac. and congresswoman gabrielle give fords breaking her silence this week for the first time since being shot in the head. just ahead. her emotional trying road to recovery and the dramatic new message she has for her constituents. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzerment you're in "the situation room." first the battle for the white house. the issue is national security on cnn. i'll be moderating a debate tuesday night right here in washington with the republican presidential contenders. and with the spotlight getting brighter on those at the front of the pack, they could have the potential to -- the potential to be a game changer
Nov 6, 2011 7:00pm PST
tonight. -- captions by vitac -- >>> right now, on cnn -- cigarettes and regret. >> don't even go there. >> the man who wants to be the leader of of the free world refusing to answer questions about his past. >> excuse me. >> you dodged the question. >> excuse me! >> excuse me, it is the media's fault? >> don on camera two. >> and on your marks -- >> i believe in america. i'm running for president. >> when i'm in, i'm in all of the way. >> election day, one year from today. who'll be your choices in the voting booth? >> we have 30 seconds. >> and plus, child sex and a college football coach, a well known one, accused. >> they all but come out to say that this charity was a point for him to get access to kids. >> and it is not just jerry sandusky, two college big wigs have explaining to do. >>> and super nanny is fired up. >> he didn't apologize, he justified what he did. >> and the judge caught on tape beating his daughter. it is all right here, right now, on cnn. >>> good evening, everybody. i'm don lemon, thank you for joining us in the "cnn newsroom." one year from no
Nov 24, 2011 1:00pm EST
'll not be any less happy for what we have. >> reporter: christine romans, cnn, new york. >> have a great thanksgiving, everyone. i'm fredricka whitfield. next, a special edition of ""cnn presents." ". >>> tonight on ""cnn presents" -- it's mississippi still burning? a shocking crime. accusations of a sinister motive. >> there's no doubt they were looking for a black victim. >> to assault. >> and even kill in this instance. >> "forgotten heroes." >>> this expensive slice of california real estate is supposed to house america's homeless veterans. guess who we found sleeping outside? >>> fighter girls. would you do this for practically nothing? this single mother does. but why? >>> kiss, inc. forget the music. forget the makeup. this may be the smartest band in the history of rock 'n' roll. >> can you put a dollar sign on the kiss empire? >> $500 million. $750 million. a billion dollars. >> the genius of kiss, inc. >>> revealing investigations. fascinating characters. stories with impact. this is "cnn presents" with your hosts tonight soledad o'brien and sanjay gupta. >> good evening. we be
Nov 22, 2011 3:00am PST
>>> republican candidates gather in the shadow of the white house tonight for the big cnn national security debate. it is the first test for newt gingrich as front-runner. >>> cairo bracing for a million-man sit-in. police beating demonstrators on the fourth straight day of violence, and now late word three americans have been arrested. >>> is there anybody out there? nasa relaunching a program to listen for alien life, searching for signs, on this "american morning." -- captions by vitac -- >>> good morning. it's tuesday, november 22nd. ali and christine are off this morning. i'm alina cho along with carol costello on this "american morning." so glad you're with us. >> glad you're with us. up first this morning, breaking news out of cairo. three americans arrested outside the interior ministry in tahrir square accused of throwing molotov cocktails. thousands of demonstrators are packed into the square for a million-man sit-in. a short distance away, our reporter says soldiers are pelting the protesters with tear gas. 24 people killed, 17 injured during four straight
Comedy Central
Nov 28, 2011 11:30pm PST
not respond this time. then cnn unveils a new approach to journalism. john king's touch-screen now touches him back. and my guest siddhartha mukherjee is a pulitzer prize winning cancer researcher. i'm going to ask him about this mole on my back. a recent study claims women think about sex ten times a day. but i don't buy it. my show is only on four times a day. (laughter) this is "the colbert report." captioning sponsored by comedy central stephen, stephen, stephen. >> thank you, welcome to the report, great to you have with us, folks. i'll be with you in a moment. thank you so much. i'll be with you in just a minute. i'm just finishing some on-line holiday shopping, the nice deal on a kindl fire. that will make a great coaster for my ipad. there, and done. with christmas. okay. of course, folks, today is cybermonday, when everybody mobs the on-line stores for the big holiday sales. to beat the rush last night i camped out in front of my computer, waiting for the internet to open. cybermonday is a followup to black friday, the day after thanksgiving when americans awake from their tryptophan-
Nov 17, 2011 1:00am PST
. >>> i'm zain verjee at cnn in london. here are the top stories. explosions rock the damascus suburbs early thursday. activists report heavy gunfire. meanwhile, arab league foreign ministers have given syria three days to end its crackdown or face sanctions. >>> thousands of angry demonstrators have stormed the parliament building in kuwait. the incident happened after police and security forces roufd up protesters marching outside the prime minister's home. demonstrators are demanding that he step down. >>> fifa's president says he never meant to imply that racism isn't a problem in football. earlier seth blater said players who think they've been abused during a game should shake hands with their opponent and move on. blater released a statement saying he is committed to fighting racism. >>> president obama and australian prime minister gallard discussed troops. he announced a deployment of 2,200 marines to australia. i'm zain verjee. world business today starts now. >>> good morning. from cnn london, i'm nina del santos. >> and from cnn hong kong i'm andrew stevens. top stories thi
Nov 27, 2011 4:00pm EST
running. that candidate is newt gingrich. >>> cnn political producer rachael streitfeld is in concord. what does this mean for gingrich? big endorsement? >> reporter: well, it is a stunning comeback for a man whose campaign was considered to be over a few months ago. you'll remember many of gingrich's staffers had quit and he was having trouble raising money. here he is on the cover of the only state wide newspaper in new hampshire, "the union leader". it is a closely watched endorsement and it should help him. i'm sorry. yeah, fredricka, it should help him. it is important locally for those voters who will -- we're hearing more some questions about how the editorial board came to this zirks what factors were important in this decision. so we know they chose ten front runners. if we look back in the past, they went with john mccain in 2007. he did end up winning the state. before that in 2000, they picked steve forbes who didn't win. they also backed pat buchanan twice and ronald reagan twice. so a candidate's political ideology is important, it is a very conservative editorial page a
Nov 22, 2011 8:00am PST
preston. don't forget, everyone, 8:00 p.m. eastern tonight the cnn gop presidential debate. that's going to do it for me and i hand it over to jim costa. >> i have to get back here as soon as possible when i'm done with work to see that. thank you, hala. >> i'm jim costa. let's get you up to speed on this tuesday, november 22nd. a million man sit-in is taking place on tahrir square as violence erupts around it. security forces are using tear gas and rubber bullets against protesters armed with rocks and molitov cocktails. you're looking at live pictures right now of tahrir square. 24 have been killed, many injured. they have a new demand, this time aimed at egypt's military leader. >> we have a crowd here angry, young, furious at the loss of life here over the course of the past three days, demanding that the supreme council step down. >> mr. ivan watson, national security takes center stage at the presidential debate tonight. the stage is set just a few blocks from the white house. wolf blitzer will nar rate. a new cnn poll shows the former house speaker leading the republican pack for
Nov 19, 2011 1:00pm PST
where the super committee has that rapidly approaching deadline to identify deep cuts. dan lothian, cnn, bali, indonesia. >>> investigators in los angeles are taking another look at the death of actress natalie wood. she reportedly fell off a yacht back in 1981. her death was ruled an accidental drowning. but new allegations from the captain of that yacht are raising the questions. wood's sister is waiting for answers. >> it's confusing. it's upsetting. last night when i heard the breaking news, i said i'm happy, i'm sad, i'm scared, i'm nervous, i'm elated, i'm feeling very ambivalent. and it's just -- it's very, very difficult for me. this is a pain that i've lived with for the past 30 years. and now i'm going to have to look at it more closely again as it unfolds, as i will. >> according to the holiday reporter actor christopher joaquin has hired a lawyer. he was on the yacht when wood went overboard. however, joaquin is not considered a suspect. his lawyer says joaquin plans to cooperate fully with the investigation. >>> and a wildfire near reno, nevada, is now 65% contained. offici
Nov 11, 2011 1:00am PST
. >> general powell, thank you >>> hello, i'm monita rajpal at cnn london. former eu commissioner mario monty is expected to take over for silvio berlusconi. monti would lead a unity government charged with tackling italy's debt crisis. >>> a u.s. soldier has been sentenced to life in prison by a military court. calvin gibbs was found guilty of murdering three afghan civilians. three members of his unit had already pled guilty. gibbs was accused of cuts off pieces of the corpses to keep as souvenirs and planting weapons to make it look as though the men were taliban fighters. gibbs will be eligible for parole in ten years. >>> in the turkish city, 28 people have been pulled alive from the rubble after a deadly earthquake wednesday night. rescue crews worked throughout the day, thursday, to reach people still trapped. dozens more may still be buried. the government says 260 survivors have been taken to other cities. the death toll stands at 12. >>> the murdoch media empire has been compared to the mafia. he said they adopted a code of silence surrounding the phone hacking scandal. murdoch reje
Comedy Central
Nov 29, 2011 6:30pm PST
the layoff bug has bitten my colleagues over at cable news network, the cable news network. recently cnn laid off 50 staff members. nobody important, just editors and photo journalists. because new technology and desktop editing and user generated content and social media have made some editing and photo journalism positions redundant. you see cnn doesn't need as many editors and photo journalists because they have ireports. footage, commentary and articles that cnn viewers self-produce and then upload. it is a brilliant idea. why buy the cow when you can have it shakily videotape its own milk for free. now last week cnn relaunched ireport as a social network, complete with an assignment desk where you can go to find out what stories cnn wants you to cover. i certainly hope some reports on that picket fence that is so fun to paint. best of all, ireporters do not get paid. they get something even better, badges. which i assume are redeemable for food and rent. plus you get nothing else. it's like an internship, if you work for free, put in your time and your work is good enough, maybe one day
Nov 3, 2011 1:00am PDT
. >> it's a large one. >>> i'm zain verjee at cnn in london. here are the top stories t. leaders of friend vp and germany say greece will not receive imf bailout money if there's any doubt to the rescue plan. they're frustrated with greece's decision to hold a referendum after the agreement was reached. george pap dre' oh insist they have a right. >>> occupy protesters have shut down one of the busiest shipping areas in the west. a general strike on wednesday forced many local businesses to close their doors. >>> u.s. republicanal presidential candidate herman cain is facing more allegations of sexual harassment. the associated press is reporting a third woman has come forward saying cain made sexually suggestive remarks to her back in the 1990s. his campaign says the allegations are baseless. >>> the arab league says syria agreed to end its crackdown on protesters, that's part of a wider initiative which calls for talks with the opposition. the announcement comes as more than two dozen people were reportedly killed in syria on wednesday. those are the top stories from cnn, the world's bus
Nov 27, 2011 4:00am EST
needed supplies just sit across the border. cnn's rez acehal joins me from islamabad. first off, what do we know in terms of specifics about the attacks? >> reporter: ted, the most detailed account we're getting is from pakistani officials. it's important to note that u.s. and nato officials have yet to say this is what happened. this is what pakistan is saying happened. essentially officials are saying in the early morning hours of saturday a nato air strike hit two military check posts on pakistani soil killing at least 24 pakistani soldiers. they say this incident happened in a place called mohmens, a district in the tribal region right along the afghanistan border. there's a lot of militant activity in this region. what you have often is pakistani troops, nato troops carrying out a lot of operations here but the agreement is for pakistan to stay on its side and nato to stay on its side. officials here say that's not what happened. these air strikes hit these two check posts on pakistani soil. not the first time this has happened, ted. last year, another nato air strike killing two pa
Nov 20, 2011 3:00pm PST
healthcare medicare solutions. >>> hello, everyone. i'm don lemon here in the cnn newsroom. thank you for joining us. we will begin with this. it was born out of necessity and created during the debt ceiling crisis but the super committee in washington made up of six republicans and six democrats from both the house and congress may have been doomed from the start. they are down to the final hours of their self imposed deadline on coming up with a plan for the deficit. at this hour, things really don't look good. our congressional correspondent kate baldwin is standing by. she's in the capitol building now. kate, congress, washington, missing deadlines becoming all too familiar. where do we stand now? >> i think we can say, don, at best the super committee is on the brink of failure as talks have all but fallen apart. especially in the last, i would say maybe 24 hours really. the question, the conversation is now kind of how and when the committee is likely to make its formal announce they have failed versus they are near some kind of agreement and could be making an announcement anytime soon. of co
Nov 22, 2011 6:00am PST
: jeanne moos, cnn -- >> see, see, see. >> yeah, i see. >> reporter: new york. >> so, every time you sniffle and cough today, think about that mother. >> my favorite part was when the little boy said, what's the matter, mommy? >> a lot. >>> thanks for joining us on "american morning." "cnn newsroom" starts right now. >> very tempered mom there. thank you. >>> the arab spring has become an autumn of discontent and violence and bloodshed in egypt. at least two dozen people have been killed in anti-government protests. three americans have been arrested, as well. we'll take you to cairo, live, in a few minutes. >>> how would a president romney or gingrich or cain handle a situation like this? that is the kind of topic the republican candidates will debate tonight. its focus will be foreign policy and national security. cnn, the heritage foundation and the american enterprise institute will bring it to you from washington tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern. we're talking to our deputy political director paul steinhauser, pentagon correspondent chris lawrence and joe johns at constitution hall
Nov 20, 2011 4:00pm PST
>>> all right, everyone. thanks for joining us. top of the hour. i'm don lemon. you're in the "cnn newsroom." we begin with breaking news from new york city. wouldn't you know it, just before holiday travel starts, the mayor of new york city, the police commissioner, the district attorney, all preparing right now to hold a live news conference at the bottom of the hour, in 30 minutes. we do know that it is terror related. cnn's deb feyerick, deborah feyerick, has been working her sources since this news conference was just announced, just under an hour ago. she joins me now by phone with some new details for us. what can you tell us, deb? >> reporter: well, don, we're being told by a source with information that the individual who's been arrested -- [ inaudible ] -- now, apparently he learned how to build a pipe bomb by reading through "inspire" magazine. that is the al qaeda magazine, an online magazine, which tells interested people how to do these kind of things. we are told by the source that the man had acquired all material and was even going so far as to drill holes in a pip
Nov 22, 2011 2:00am PST
cnn debate. a new front-runner will take the stage to ni. >>> cairo bracing for a million man it is in. protesters demanding more resignations saying the new government is just as oppressive as the last. >>> and does your carry on luggage suffer from zipper shock? just ahead, a bill is in the works because you'll write to one checked bag for free. this is your "a.m. wakeup call." . >>> good morning to you, it is tuesday, november 22nd. i'm carol costello. here are this morning's top stories. republican candidates gathering in the shadow of the white house tonight for the big cnn national security debate. it's the first test for newt gingrich as the front-runner. a new poll shows he leads mitt romney by 4%. giving up a lot of the blame, not much shame is the congressional super committee calls it quits. lawmakers announcing they cannot reach a deal to cut at least $1.2 trillion worth of deficit now even more painful cuts loom. >>> part of a major highway between memphis and dallas reopened after an intense down pour washed it away yesterday. 88,000 cars and trucks sat on a 30-mile detou
Nov 22, 2011 1:00am PST
. >>> those are the headlines from cnn. "world business today" starts now. >>> it's 9:00 a.m. here in london. i'm nina dos santos. >> and it's 5:00 p.m. in hong kong. i'm andrew stevens. you're watching "world business today". these are our top stories today tuesday, november 22nd. >>> no deal on debt reduction. the super committee proves it's anything but. >>> tear gases and tensions in south korea. a free trade agreement is finally approved. >>> and at a time with the global economy could do something, we visit a workplace with plenty of bounce. >>> first up though, so much for super to the surprise of few. the 12 politicians tasked with striking a deal on the debt reduction has come up short. a super committee may have been bipartisan, but members couldn't sort out the politics. as a result, automatic budget cuts will be triggered, shaving $1.2 trillion off federal spending off the next ten years. details in a moment. but first, here's the reaction of the u.s. president, barack obama. >> there's still too many republicans in congress who have refused to listen to the voices of reason and
Nov 20, 2011 7:00pm PST
evening. i'm don lemon. you're in the cnn newsroom. let's get right to our breaking news story. just as americans are gearing up for the holidays, a chilling reminder of the constant threat of terrorism. new york city officials stopped a suspected lone wolf from carrying out a bombing campaign in the city. 27-year-old jose pementol, a u.s. citizen and native of the dominican republic and a convert to islam was taken into custody saturday afternoon as he was allegedly constructing a pipe bomb. police commissioner raymond kelly says he was planning on building three bombs. mayor bloomberg said the suspect was intent on killing. >> the police also constructed a duplicate of an explosive device that the suspect built and then designated in a way he intended to use the weapon. we want to show you a video about the resulting damage. >> the man allegedly got the materials from home depot and other stores. >> he followed instructions from al awaki's inspired magazine to first acquire the bomb-making materials and then assemble them. he relied on a particularly notorious article called how to
Nov 13, 2011 2:00pm PST
. it is a meeting to discuss afghanistan's relationship with the united states. earlier i talked to cnn's nick payton walsh in kabul about how the taliban claim to have the sensitive information. >> taliban claim this say leak from inside the afghan government with detailed plans for the security for a meeting of tribal elders here from across the country caught by the afghan president hamid karzai due to start later on this week. i must point out, the afghan interior ministry says the documents are fake and this is part of a propaganda campaign. the taliban said they'll do whatever they can to disrupt this meeting. it is an absolutely vital meeting between community leader across the country where they're set to gather together to discuss what kind of long-term presence u.s. troops can have in this country and even discuss with peace with the insurgency is still possible. >> how unusual is this that there would be public notice, fake plans or not, presented by the taliban? >> well, it is all about this information war that is starting between the insurgency and isaf here in afghanistan. they
Nov 14, 2011 1:00am PST
by vitac -- >>> i'm zain vergee at cnn in london. here are the top stories. mario monti will begin to put together a new government. they must then pass tough measures to put the country back on solid financial footing. monti replaces silvio berlusconi who resigned his post on saturday. >>> hamas security officials say at least one person was killes.s medical officials say hamas troops may be buried in the rubble. >>> three french aid workers kidnaped more than five months ago in yemen have been freed by al qaeda militants. the french news agency quotes nicolas sarkozy and officials as confirming the release. no word yet on their condition. mr. sarkozy thanked the authorities for their help. an inquiry prompting by the phone hacking scandal brought down by the british tabloid gets under way in london today. investigators will look at the culture, practices and ethics of the british news media. a separate police probe of the scannedle is ongoing. those are the top stories from cnn, the world's news leader. i'm zain vergee and "world business today" starts now. >>> good mo
Nov 19, 2011 8:00am PST
>>> from the cnn center in atlanta, georgia, this is cnn saturday morning for november 19th. i'm t.j. holmes. look at what's ahead at this hour. after weeks on the run, moammar gadhafi's second oldest son is captured in a fire fight. he's accused of crimes against humanity. also, joe paterno's son is speaking out and he says his father wants the focus to be on the victims. >>> in australia, a word of a serious security breach while president obama was visiting there. moammar gadhafi's son, saif is his name, he is in custody. libyan revolutionary commanders says he was caught near the border with niger. he's gadhafi's second oldest son and he's wanted by alleged crimes against humanity. what do we know? how does this all go down? >> well, t.j., every hour, more details are emerging about this capture. the latest we are hearing from a commander of a brigade from the western mountains, this is the area from which the fighters who retail saif gadhafi came from. we are being told that special unites from this brigade were in the southwestern area near that town where he was found in a t
Nov 28, 2011 1:00am PST
rajpal at cnn loeters. despite strong encouragement from if kraent government, some egyptians will not be heading the the polls. they are boycotting the vote and demanding the country's military rulers step down. >>> the arab league has voted overwhelmingly to slap economic sanctions on syria. foreign ministers say the steps are necessary as long as syria refuses to allow observers into the country. syrian state tv calls the move a conspiracy that lacks legality. two of the country's closest allies, lebanon and iraq, have distanced themselves from the sanctions. >>> voteers in the democrat irk rhee public of conoco are heading to the polls this morning. there's a challenge from ten candidates. the gong lease are struggling to restore their country. those are the top stories from cnn, the world's news leader. i'm monita rajpal. "world business today" starts right now. >>> hello, and welcome to "world business today." i'm charles hodson at cnn lon n london. >>> i'm andrew stevens live from hong kong this monday the 28th of november. >>> the imf denies it's planning a bailout f
Nov 7, 2011 1:00am PST
at cnn in london. here are the headlines. greek prime minister george papandreou is preparing to resign. a new unity government agrees to an eu bailout, a power sharing deal was reached late on sunday night. greek's political leaders will meet again in the coming hours to decide who will replace the prime minister. >>> the start of the holiday has been marred by bloodshed in holiday. the arab league has released a statement criticizing syria's failure to end the violence against protesters. >>> preliminary results show nicaraguan president is heading for certain re-election in sunday's presidential election. he enjoyed strong support thanks to anti-poverty. >>> and a solid victory was won in guatemala. >>> lady gaga stole the show at the mtv mewes acusic awards. justin bieber, eminem and katy perry were among the other top winners. those are the headlines from cnn, the world's news leader. i'm zain vergee and "world business today" starts now. >>> good morning from cnn london, i'm charles hodson, this is "world business today." here are our top stories on monday, november 7th. as the gr
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,630 (some duplicates have been removed)